Highlancers – Strength in Numbers™

How it started?

Sami Tayara an enterprise architect and  IT professional lost his full time job in 2017. While looking for the next work opportunity, he discovered some inefficiencies and flaws in the recruitment/employment model. The economic and social impact of all this was huge. It was a problem worth solving!

Highlancers represents this dream and this necessity to secure people livelihoods in the digital era. The 4th industrial revolution was under way. But a lot of things were still based on old 20th century concepts and processes.

It is a cause and a dream shared by many people who connected on LinkedIn as #TeamHuman and in “real life”. A dream of a better smarter society where people can improve their happiness by efficiently finding meaningful work and steady income. Less waste, less anxiety, and more life.

So being aware of the accelerating trend towards freelance work driven by the digital-era, #TeamHuman underwent months of online discussions. We agreed on the following:

  • The psychological and societal toll unemployment takes on people is significant and can border on cruelty
  • The economic toll is also big as productive resources sit idle un-necessarily
  • There should be a better way we can use the latest technology to foster happiness as opposed to frustration

One outcome was this Highlancers open community-driven project. Its purpose is to take practical steps to build and materialize a solution that re-imagines and improves how humans find meaningful work and happiness, in light of the technology changes that will impact the 2020s decade and beyond.

What problem are we trying to solve?

One problem we are trying to resolve is that individual Freelancers have limitations in terms of delivering end-to-end complex multi-disciplinary projects. They don’t have all the skills and can’t scale and stretch themselves as individuals. They also struggle to market themselves and their services.

In the past, businesses seeking higher assurance of quality on complex and/or mission critical projects considered hiring a mega agency (Big 4 and all). One downside with mega agencies is high cost due to high overhead as their business model hasn’t evolved enough yet to take full advantage of freelancers.

Another downside is from the workers’ perspective. The mega agencies have overly selective recruiting processes and many bright people tend to fall through the cracks and feel left out of this top-tier world of employment. This is a significant waste of valuable resources, because these bright minds are at the basis of value creation in this new age.

How are we going to solve the problem?

Highlancers project aims to resolve all the above problems in one shot. Allow businesses to recruit pre-assembled small agile teams of 1 to 50 freelancers at a lower cost and with higher flexibility than dealing with mega-agencies. As in current freelancing platforms, Highlancer teams are vetted by their peers and by previous customers to provide a rating and assurance to the businesses hiring them.

We believe that it is necessary for Highlancers to match the perceived level of high quality that traditional mega agencies possess. One proposed differentiator to improve on current freelance models is to implement a second level of vetting to further reduce the possibility of teams unfairly or otherwise unethically hyping their credentials.  This is where technologies like AI and Blockchain can be used to flag potential trust issues to the Highlancers platform team and to promote customer trust in credentials.

Is that the only differentiator or improvement? The answers will come from the collaboration of the founding team. Will you be one of them?

I look forward to seeing this project make progress and deliver on its very ambitious promises.

What progress happened since 2017?

2017 : Open Consulting Group

OCG came to life as a consortium of independent thinkers, consultants and writers who love technology, digital, innovation and transformation. They met on LinkedIn and wrote under the hashtag #OCG. They setup a LinkedIn group named Open Consulting Group Community that gathered upwards of 700 members.

The purpose of #OCG as a cooperative was to create a strong bond of trust and value offering between its members. It allowed the people and organisations we work for to rely on our network as much as we already do.

It was a project open to contributions of ideas and expertise from the global community. Towards the end of 2018 OCG froze at the idea stage while it still had a long way to go. Many lessons were learned. However the effort paid-off as it led to more than one off-shoot company. So the concept carried forward under new names.

2018 :

Aiconomica ( https://aiconomica.com ) is a boutique management consulting firm built on the Highlancers model. It was founded by passionate global consultants and coaches focused on enabling enterprises to leverage the same technologies and best practices that have produced exponential business growth for industry disruptors.

Aiconomica aims to bring together high impact experienced consultants to deliver on critical digital transformation projects. As a management consulting 4.0 firm it focuses on the full path from “Strategy” to “Transformation” to “Optimization” for your Digital-Age (4th Industrial Revolution) program. 

Aiconomica adheres and collaborates with similar minded and principled companies such as AlphaZetta. Please see https://alphazetta.ai the global cooperative for independent analytic experts.

With my best greetings and wishes of survival and happiness in this 4IR,
Sami Tayara
Project initiator, HR2020
Email: info @ aiconomica . com

Note: for any comments or questions please feel free to contact me at above address.