The market is brutal! What is wrong with the current recruitment process?

Advice Please: It’s been 4 months and I’m not getting an interview

I’m just finished my Bachelor’s of Engineering degree and I’ve been job searching since. No matter which places I apply to or how much I change my resume and cover letter to reflect their preferences, I have not received a single interview request. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or what I should do to leave the rut I’m stuck in. Any and all advice would be helpful.

Emily Huerter

Emily Huerter You got this!! You’ve got a lot of people in your corner and the job search is absolutely brutal but hang in there! It will be worth it! I’m not sure what region you’re looking in but I’ve got a connection or two at Garmin if that helps at all!

Prashanth Padmarajan 👆 exactly what Nelson Atwell said; it’s a good idea to have your LinkedIn profile cater to exactly what you’re looking for (however this doesn’t always work especially when you’re keeping your options open in case you’ve been job hunting for a while but its worth a shot); don’t worry, something will come up. The market is brutal! I’ve pretty much been in the same position. I got laid off in June due to lack of funds or whatever and I’ve been searching ever since. Best to just keep a healthy mindset and don’t get frustrated.

Rahul Nishad

  • Rahul Nishad Its same with me, i am also trying from past 5-6month but did not get any opportunity from linkedln. Can somebody will also help in searching the job in my field or what should i do so that the recruiters will not ignore my cv.


    ARVIND YADAV I have been searching for last 3 month didn’t got a single call

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