Birth of HR2020

Today is the official birth day of a daring high-impact high-disruption idea! An idea to significantly tackle the problem of unemployment at a global scale, and all the misery that is associated with unemployment. A way to leverage technology for the equitable advancement of humanity and its quest for decent living standards for all.

Technology since the beginning of the industrial age has enabled productivity of humans to rise, and it led to a rise in living standards for some. The advent of the internet promised to level the playing field and enable small businesses to compete with bigger ones. An individual entrepreneur can theoretically engage in e-commerce on almost equal footing with larger companies. However in reality the internet created new dynamics that favored the rise of a different tech-savvy innovative elite. The theme of Digital Transformation (to match the savvy elite) became a strategic imperative for traditional businesses of all sizes to maintain competitiveness.

The year 2017 is seeing a quick rise in momentum for Artificial Intelligence (AI) putting it at center stage of the discussion about our future as humans. Would AI improve the human condition, or endanger it? What can we do about it to decisively tip the balance in the favor of humanity, so it may prosper? This is when I came across some great people on the LinkedIn platform whose slogan is #TeamHuman and who shared this similar passion for improving the human lot. This helped me concretize an idea for transforming the way Recruitment and Employment is organized globally.

Credit also goes to Accenture for promoting the Liquid Workforce concept ( ) as it accurately illustrates the current shortcomings of the traditional workforce management model and confirms that “Business leaders are realizing a more liquid workforce can become their new competitive advantage”.

Credit also goes to Deloitte who published a “2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends” research highlighting the shifting role of HR among all the technology changes of the digital age. All this is confirmation that HR2020 is a valid and promising concept and on the right track.

So this is proposed as an open non-profit public-benefit platform for all people of goodwill to collaborate on shaping and polishing this idea that I will be publishing here shortly. If defined and executed carefully, this idea can have a deep impact on improving the livelihood and happiness of millions and billions of people.

Sami Tayara
Initiator, HR2020

Note: you can also check my personal blog AI2020 for more about my background and what is motivating me to be part of HR2020.

UPDATE as of 2017-07-26:

Since writing this post, I have added 2 new ideas that each plays a role in the re-imagined future of how humans will collaborate to boost their livelihood and happiness:

Highlancers – Strength in Numbers™

PeerCube – P2P Incubation Platform


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